Hello world! It has been a while since I've posted an outfit post, so here we go...
I spoke about my fashion phobias before (leather/ withe jeans, etc), and raw hem jeans was a big "no no" for me, If you had told me couple years ago that I would be wearing a raw hem jeans I'd have laughed in your face.
Now, I laugh at my phobia, I love these jeans, beside the hem detail they are so comfortable and the length is perfect for me., anyways as I always said; is all about dare to be daring!!
What are your thoughts about raw hem jeans?
Oh! by the way I chop off my hair, I am trying this new hair cut because I did not wanted to have my hair on a bun all the time but the truth is that I still do it ahaha! what can I say? it is my thing.
Thanks for stopping by, have an awesome weekend.

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