My go to outfit

 Hello 2016!, did you all have a wonderful start of the new year? any special new year's resolution? I have a couple.
I took a little break from the blog, I believe I was going through some type of FoMO period and I had a hard time trying to balance my personal, blog and work life, I felt I wasn't giving enough attention to my personal/family life, to be back on track all I wanted was to spend every second with my little ones and my husband, and talk to my beloved family located on the other side of the pond, so that what I did, :D!
Anyways, now I'm here fully recharge and ready for another amazing year of blogging, and my first look is my go to outfit when "I don't know what to wear" kind of day., cozy sweater, black pants, comfy shoes and I am ready for anything.
What is your go to outfit? 
Thanks for stopping by, have a relaxing weekend.
Baci Are.

ps. I chop my hair! but that's for another post. xx

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