There are many things that make me happy, a rainy day a movie afternoon with my family, a hot cup of tea and the list goes on...! but this 5 things in particular will put a smile on my face any time any day. 

 1. I love love flowers, I get nice fresh roses at least once a week! They make me feel so blessed by being able to admired their beauty and enjoy their exquisite fragrance.
2."Me time" it does not matter if is only 15 min, It is so important for me to pause and recharge, all moms out there may know what I'm talking about. 
 3. Fresh fruits and vegetables, mmmm!!, simply delicious.
They joy of eating well.
4. My beloved magazines, the beautiful pictures, the colors, the smell, pages and pages of inspirations and the beautiful editorials that always make dream. 
5. Last but not least a stop by my local bakery!! There is nothing like the smell of fresh baked crunchy Tuscan bread and some delicious pizza, of course....
What about you?, what are the things you love?.
I hope you enjoy this post, all the pictures are from my insta @glamouryarmory.
Thanks for stopping by, have a happy weekend.
Baci Are.

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