This is my first ever empties post!! yay! I have to say that if feels little bit weird to keep my"trash" for too long, lol! because it takes me forever to finish a product, so whenever I do, it makes me so happy!!
I am not an expert in the beauty/cosmetic field, but I love to share the love when I find something that works for me. 

Kiehls Midnight recovery concentrate: Oh my!!! This is magic in a bottle, I've bought this oil around four times already, my skin is very dry, this products makes my skin glow. 

Aesop RĂ©surrection Aromatique Hand balm: this hand balm is divine, I love everything about it, I highly appreciate the nice packaging love the strong bergamot smell, super hydrating, I already got another one, it is a little pricy but it does worth it.

La Vanilla the healthy deodorant: I got the travel size and I really like it, I'm not particularly sweaty so this works but I don't think It would work if you use it as a workout deodorant. I've bought the regular size now.

Kiehls Creamy eye treatment with avocado: A very rich and nourishing cream, I have bought this product twice , it is one of the most moisturizing eye creams I have tried.

Davines Volu Shampoo: We met last year and we have been inseparable ever since! works great for my fine hair.

Clinique dramatically different moisturizing lotion+: I used to buy this moisturizer when I was in my 20's it did help me a lot, so when I knew the reformulated the Clinique Iconic product, I decided to try it, my skin still love it, it works better during the winter time since my skin gets dryer.

Kiehls super multi corrective cream: This cream really help the elasticity, firmness and texture of my skin, great product for dry skin too, I will probably buy it again.

This is it, short and sweet, I hope you enjoyed this post, since I really like these products I should change the tittle to Empties/ favorites! 

Have you ever tried any of these beauty products? Did you like them? 
Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.
Baci Are.

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