Hi everyone!! How was your week?I hope you are having a very lovely summer., I was, until something bad happened to my computer, it just stopped working and the worst part was that I did not backup all my info!! I was going a little crazy and feeling frustrated, thankfully all is working now, all I can say is: "People, remember to backup your computers", just a friendly reminder.
Let's talk about the outfit, shall we?, After a lot of thinking I finally got my first waistcoat and I am loving it, I used to think I was to short for it, (I'm 5'3") but not anymore., I love how versatile it is, so comfortable and "easy", just what I like.
How about you, do you like waistcoats?, would you get one for yourself? 
Thanks you so much for stopping by.
Have and amazing weekend.
Baci Are.

Zara long waistcoat (similar), J crew trousers, Zara Shoes, Celine Sunnies.

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