Hello world!! I am back! Yes, although I never really went away!, this week I took couple of days for pampering myself, I always make sure I get those special "me" times often but lately my body and my mind were asking me for more.
These past 7 months have been a little bit crazy, I changed continent, home, work, just to name a few, then my computer crash, so I took it as a sign to slow down a little.
I took the longest bath ever, watched a romantic french movie, enjoyed my favorite magazines, I slept and slept ahh! and many more of those silly things that make me feel relax. What do you do on your "me" time?
Enough rumbling, lets talk about the look, shall we? Is not surprise that my style is a mix of his and hers wardrobe, I feel that now more than ever fashion blurs gender boundaries, don't you think?, the boys can borrow from the girls and vice versa, I am already eyeing some of my husband cashmere sweaters, Lol.
Thanks for stopping by, have an amazing weekend.
Baci Are.

Zara coat, J crew shirt, trousers and socks, Church's shoes, Celine sunnies.

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