Hi everyone, Happy Monday! How was your weekend? I hope you had a very relaxing one, ours was great, we visited the cutest tiny restaurant in Chianti, perfect for my birthday celebration.
To me one of the joys of street style photography is to see 'stylish couples' I just like the fact that looks like they both share the love for style, and believe me is not easy to spot them on the street, so whenever I see them I must try to take a picture, so, on today's style inspiration post I celebrate 'stylish couples'. I like to think that me and my husband are a 'stylish' couple, thanks to all my hard work ahaha!! just kidding, he does have a great style but he does not talk about fashion, he just listen to me talk about it lol, he is very very patient.
What about your Gentleman, is he interested in fashion?
I hope you enjoy this street style inspiration post, for more please follow me @Glamouryarmory.
Have a happy week, thanks for stopping by.
Baci Are.

*all pictures are owned by, if used please credit.

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