The Power Ladies!

Hello Ladies and Gents! 
Todays posts is all about US, yes I am talking "The power ladies", as we all know today march 8th is the international woman's day! Am I a feminist? I am on favor of all women in the whole wide world, then I think the answer is yes I am!
I can start and endless list about the woman's whom I admire the most, but just to mentioned a few; I admired my Mom for her inner strength and wisdom, my Grandma for all you can think of she was such a Lady., and of course Oprah for all the wisdom she shares, Angela Merkel, Gloria Steinem, Malala Yousafzai, Christy Turlington, Salma Hayek, Bobbi Brown, and much more, I just love women who help other women!

I love to share the love about some amazing power ladies I have met through my blog., please check their blogs and show them some love!! 
Thanks for stopping by.
Have an amazing day.
Baci Are.

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