The Mall!

Hello everyone! Milan fashion week is here! and this year I will be part of it, wait for my street style pictures! So excited!
Today I will share with you some awesome shopping experiences.
A while ago during a dental visit my dentist ask me about Italy and I said about how much I love Tuscany so we talk for a while about the beautifulness of Florence but of course she was a very stylish lady and she asked me about "The Mall" she has never been there before but she knew about! 
So today we will talk about this paradise for luxury fashion lovers, barganistas like me cause who does not love a good shopping deal? well my friends if you are looking for "affordable" luxury this is the place. 
Lets talk about numbers $$$, if you want luxury quality prices you must be aware that prices won't be low, so here at the mall you can get a Prada wallet for $350 Euros still expensive but not compare with the $600+ euros you would pay at the Boutique. If you are looking or investment luxury pieces the mall is a good option.
The mall is located just 30mim from Florence and the view of the Tuscan countryside is always breath taking.
Check "The Mall" for more info.
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Baci Are.

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