Hello friends!, what are you up to this weekend? I probably will be home because one of my kids got a little bit sick, plus according to the weather channel it will be raining, well then, we will enjoy the rain from our cozy living room. 

Obsessed with stan!! I mentioned that I wanted a new pair of sneakers and I always liked the stan smith style, I remember my bother wore them when we were teens., but lets be honest it all started in 2010 when Celine creative director, Phoebe Philo took her bow at the spring 2011 show wearing this very comfortable pair of sneakers, the rest is history.
They go with almost everything in my closed! I loved them deeply!
The best thing is that they are only $75dlls!.
What do you think this sneakers are a yes or no for your wardrobe?

Somethings from around the web.

I will go to the cinema in Williamsburg to see The Little Tin Man movie, opens today and my brother is one of the main characters!. How Excited!!!

Also obsessed with this instagram.

Who doesn't love a bathroom transformation!.

I am taking this course of managing fashion and luxury online, they are really awesome!!

If you are new like me in the blogging world check this webinar class.

Thanks for stopping by.
Baci Are.

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