Hello everyone!, shoes are one of my favorite accessories, I can spend hours browsing and choosing the right pair, I love them so much that many years ago a worked for a very well know shoe brand and had a very special employee discount, I remember going shoe crazy, I owned many pairs that I could wear a different shoe everyday for about three months, crazy times here ladies and gentlemen!!, needless to say that changing my job was the best thing that happened to my savings. Now days I choose wisely "buy less, choose well". is my memo.
Let's get inspired by these beautiful heels I snapped in NYC, Milan and Florence, shall we?
I have heard that some people start their outfit base on the shoes they are planning to wear, in my case I first choose the clothes then the shoes, what about you guys, shoes or clothes first?
I hope you enjoy this post, thanks for stopping by.
Baci Are.

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