Hello everyone, how are the last weeks of summer treating you?, under the lovely tuscan sun we can feel that fall it's on its way!! Yay! 
Are you a fan of Pinterest? I'm! but I also keep a inspiration board in a very specific place in the house, where I can see it at all times. I mostly 'pin' pictures from my favorite magazines, my favorite quotes, and all things that make feel inspired.....
How do you like get inspired? do you have a special ritual or a inspiration board?

This is my inspiration board, I keep pictures from things that I like, pictures from strong ladies that inspired me, my favorite quotes and some friendly reminders.

I have this Starbucks cup sleeve for a long time, I love Oprah, this is one of the best quotes ever!

I really enjoy photography books and great magazines, they are a treat to myself.
(J crew rings and necklace)

Salma Hayek is a favorite, a very strong an achieving lady, always working for equality, #womanpower.
 One of my favorite quotes from the greatest Maya Angelou.

Lighting a candle, enjoying some coffee and looking to very old family polaroids like this one with my brother ( these polaroids are about 8 years old, a long time before those new polaroid pictures became popular) these little things make happy and get me inspired.
(h&m candle, J crew tray and Jewelry)

As I said I keep reminders too, and calling my lovely Mom is one of them! Te Quiero MAMA!!

Yes We all can!!!

Thanks for stopping by.
Baci Are.

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