Hi everyone, I hope you had a very nice weekend., today's inspirational post is very special one.
One of the reason I love fashion is because is ageless, genderless and is a universal language!!
I snapped this fabulous ladies in NYC and Italy, I really admired their styles, they are the living proof that "Style is Forever", we should all feel comfortable in our skin at any age, these women don't have to impress anybody in dressing, they have no one to please but their but themselves, they all look so fabulous, don't you think?, So inspiring. #loveyourage
There is one blog I really enjoy, Advance Style , featuring fabulous ladies with such pizzazz, you can also follow @advancestyle

I hope you enjoy this post, have an excellent week.
Baci Are.

Ps. I will have a Q&A post next Friday, please if you have any question let me know in the comments, thanks.

*All pictures are owned by if used please credit, thanks.

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