Hi everyone I hope you are having a great week, you know I love #womenpower, I have a list of role models, people that inspired me to do my best everyday, in my list they are many strong and courageous ladies like Miss Copeland.
I did not know about this incredible inspiring woman until last year when I read and article about her in the Italian Vogue, Miss Misty Copeland is a role model, a strong woman.
She had been told for years that she didn't have the right body for ballet
and couple of weeks ago she broke another major barrier in the world of ballet, she became the principal dancer at the prestigious American Ballet Theater, the 32 years old has proven girls everywhere you do not have to look certain way to make in ballet, so inspiring.
Follo her @mistyonpointe
Who are your role models?
Thank for stopping by.
Baci Are.

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