Hello everyone! Ok, so sorry for my 'big' title mistake on las post., a single letter can change everything!! I fixed already, but I am sill laughing at it! Sorry....
How was your weekend? I hope you had a very relaxing one, weather was very nice here, personally I was over the moon the whole weekend I'm still, thanks to my dear friends Jeann who wrote a beautiful piece about Glamoury Armory, you can read the post here.
We all love to have friends who we can talk about our intereses and share the love for fashion and beautiful things. I feel so lucky I have found great friend through my blog, thanks to each of you, I am so grateful for your friendship.
I hope you enjoy this special snaps, from fashionable and happy friends, may the fashion world brings us together and hopefully one day I get to meet each of you my dears friends and snaps some pictures together.
Thanks for stopping by, have a happy week.
Baci Are.

*all pictures are owned by, if used please credit.Thanks.

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