Hi, everyone! How is this hot summer treating you?, summer under the Tuscan sun has been too hot and humid, help!!!! 
I am a big fan of vintage and antic items, luckily in Italy there are plenty of antic fairs and shows., some days ago I visited the Arezzo antiche fair , if you ever visit Tuscany this amazing fair is a must in your itinerary, the fair is huge, there where many beautiful things, you will probably find things that you can't even imagine, really unique items. I wasn't in the hunt for anything in particular, I just really enjoy the atmosphere of this events and I like to wonder about the history behind the things....( this is the 'crazy' of me coming out, lol!). I only got a Chanel perfume bottle from the 60's a new in for my collection.
What about you, do you like vintage or antic stores?, would you buy vintage cloths or handbags?
Thanks for stopping by, have a lovely day.
Baci Are.

*all pictures are owned by if used please credit, thanks.

Vintage Chanel N.5 Bottle from the 60's-70's, I little something I got.

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