"There is nothing better than a day at the beach"

Some days ago me and my "crew" (husband and kids) headed to the beach, for a very relaxing and fun day, we had a wonderful time, but I have a confession to make and after I say this you may think I am little crazy., I used to hate the beach, I just can't stand the sun for too long, I love the smell of the salty water, the sound of the waves but the sun.
Now days everything has changed, I can easily tell that my happiest moments have been with the seaside as our background, there is nothing like a beautiful day at the beach with my two littles ones, and my lovely husband.
To see my 6 and 2 years old having so much fun and being so happy is priceless.
Happy Mothers day to all the Moms around the world!!
Have an amazing weekend!
Thank you for stopping by.
Baci Are.

Location: Under the Tuscan Sun. 
What I am wearing: Long shirt: Zara, Hat: Whistles, Sunnies: Celine.

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