Power Suit

" I like le smoking because that was the moment when Yves empowered women" Bergé.

Hello everyone, recently I was looking at all those beautiful gowns from the latest Red Carpets events, and I got to thinking about something crazy; If I ever get invited to any of this events, what would I wear??  It's a crazy thought right, but you never know, I am just putting it out there to the universe!! 
Anyways I would love to wear a breath taking gown but honestly I think I would go for a classic Tuxedo, is more me plus I probably be more comfortable! 

"For a woman "le smoking" is an indispensable garment with witch she finds herself continually in fashion, because it is about style, not fashion. Fashion's come and go, but style is forever" Yves Saint Lauren.

Here is my version of "le tuxedo" of course If I was going to a red carpet event I would only change my beloved Stan Smith for a pair of red sole heels (wink eye).
I Hope you enjoy this post.
Have an amazing weekend.
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Baci Are.

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