My bag

Hello everyone, I wasn't planning a what is in my bag post, but I was checking one of my latest favorites blogs Journal of Style, lovely Ira opened her bag to the blogosphere and invited everyone to joying the party.
So, here is my bag, this is not my everyday bag, because as you may already know I am a mom of two little fearless kids so every time we go outdoors I basically take the whole house with me, no kidding.
This is the bag I usually take when I am going "solo"., every single thing in this bag is a must for me. 
I was thinking in making a mini review of this beauties, but honestly everything you see in here is a five star item to me I have bought each item more than once, so........ is truly love.
Thanks you so much for stopping by.
Have a beautiful day.
Baci Are. 

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