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We met about 10 years ago and it was true love immediately, I am not talking about my lovely husband I will get on that in an other post.., I am taking about some of the most extraordinary beauty products in the world. 
Is one of the oldest pharmacies in the world stablished by dominican monks in Florence in 1221, they began cultivating medicinal herbs to prepare medications, balms and ointments.
Today the tradition is perpetuated in the use of the highest quality natural raw materials and by following the artisanal procedures., each of these products has it is own peculiar history behind the names like "Aqua della Regina" an essence created for the Queen of France.
Just by entering to this magical place you will feel transported to another century, if you love amazing quality and natural products your should definitely try it., my personal favorites are all the face products they so dedicated to my skin and somehow they make feel like a Queen!.
 Their products are sold in many multi brand  stores around the globe, but no worries if they are not available in your country you can always check my favorite luxury site Net a Porter where else? here you can find a very curated selection of the best products from farmaceutica SMNOVELLA. 
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Baci Are.
*All pictures were taken by me.

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