The Boyfriend(husband) coat!

Hi everyone! hope you are doing great! 
I wore this look some weeks ago before all the moving and packing., it was a very lovely day in the city so we took the kids to the Intrepid museum, which by the way it was amazing, if you get the chance go because you will not regret it.
But let's talk about this awesome coat call the "boyfriend coat"  but I like to call it "the husband coat" aha!!.,it is from J crew needless to say the quality is great and lucky me I got it on sale so the price was not too bad, it is oversized which means so comfy, just what I love. 
What do you think about oversized coats? 
Have an amazing day.
Thanks you for stopping by.
Baci Are.

Coat: J crew, Jeans: J crew, Slip on: Vans.

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